How do i put public places in my game without someone seeing it in game list?

title can confuse you. the problem is this;
i need to add places into my game (like you go into a door, the game teleports you to another place.)
you know you need to make the game public to make it. but i need to add 5 parts into the game. that means 5 places. 5 public places. but everyone can see those parts in the game list. how do i fix this?
(the other problem is i cant add places to my game.)
i don’t think someone can understand this because of my english.


You can make places in a game private, and as long as any place (start place maybe) is public, you can still use TeleportService to move players to those private places.

Back when free players could only have one active place, I used this trick on one of my alts to have a “lobby” place people could use to teleport to any of the other places. They just had to be in one game.


well. the other problem is, when i try to add a place, roblox says “this place cant be added” thing. i dont remember the full thing.

What do you mean by “add a place”?

this thing, right here.

You can’t move a start place of a game to another game.

You might have to visit one of those places, and manually publish it to a new place under your game.

Alternatively, make a new place under one of those games, change the start place to the new game, and now you can move the old start place.


i will try, thanks for the help

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i need to make the game public tho. as you can see this doesnt teleport to it.image
but dont worry i think im stupid

You attempted to teleport to a place that doesn’t exist. Not a place that’s private.

i put a id to my “private” game
i still think im stupid

You have to use a place ID, not a universe ID.

sorry for being so stupid.

ᵃⁿᵈ ʷʰᵉʳᵉ ᵈᵒ i ᶠᶦⁿᵈ ᶦᵗ

Visit your place in your browser (the page with the play button on it) and copy the big number in the address bar.

thats what i did. doesnt work.

You mean like this?
Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 9.31.19 PM
The left place is not a starting place but the right one is. The left place will not appear in your recently played games if you go to the place.

If so, do these steps:

  1. Go to Game Explorer/Asset Manager
  2. Go to places
  3. Right click and select Add New Place
  4. Boom you added a non-starting place

oh, thanks

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