How do I recreate this white glow

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    How was the white outline created?

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I can’t seem to figure out how they scripted that white outline (I know how to make a combat system but I have no clue how that white outline around the character was made)
3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
I have tried recreating the fighting script with selection boxes but that did not work and I have no idea how to approach making that white outline/glow around the player that pops out.

neon material helps with this, if u do a darkish white it will have this effect

I tried messing around with the character by changing it to neon and adjusting the colors to look at it and I do not think this will do the job.

ok i found the solution , so export ur character to obj and open ur 3d application. and then delete textures, and export it and then thange it to neon it will work

How about copy the the character children and it CFrame?
When fighting, the copy of character part will be glowing and disappear slowly.

I think the way the creators of Da Hood did it is just a simple process of cloning every descending BasePart of the character, coloring them all white, then changing their materials to Neon. They might’ve also very slightly changed the size of each cloned part to prevent texture clashing with the original parts.

Basically it’s using the mesh part it was given from the limbs and welding them together, then using the material neon, and color.rbg(255,255,255) to create this effect then tween then after the tween is done it’s destroyed.

They used a neon material in combination with a model that goes around the player. The transparency used seems to be a tweenservice detail based on a sine curve.