How do I reduce Ping and Client Memory Usage?

I have been having a high average client ping (~250-300ms) and a high client memory usage (around 955MB to 1GB), and it has been impacting my game. I’ve done my best to fix errors and script issues, but it still is quite high. All help is appreciated!

250-300 isn’t too much ping unless its a fps, client memory usage on the other hand depends on the size of the map and stuff, try to reduce parts and make them into meshes (which is pain to convert, might as well just completely remake em in blender if you didn’t), I heard transparent parts contribute to lag, but for memory usage, its literally determined by the size of everything on the client side (client scripts, ALL maps, not only the loaded ones, player avatars, animations, E.T.C)

So instead of transparent parts (which is what I have a lot of), what should I replace them with?

Thats not the main focus though, people I would say if you can try replacing many pieces with 1 piece i guess? although the more important thing is to reduce the amount of parts and stuff in ur game by whole. If you can, I suggest splitting the game into multiple worlds, since roblox has the teleport function (like in the game Islands, where you teleport to the hub, other people’s islands, E.T.C)

I am currently looking through the Developer Console and I’m noticing a lot of the memory usage comes from “PlaceMemory”. Is this due to the parts, and how many parts is “good” to prohibit the level of memory usage?

I heard people say around 30k parts MAX in a anchored place

Anyways though, I suggest less then 2k loaded parts at anytime, so try remaking them in blender as meshes

This is also a problem I’m facing, my game isn’t currently laggy, but it would if I dont do anything about it, and I have tried converting models made of parts to more simple meshes, but after spending nearly 10 hours on it, I came to the conclusion that simply remaking it would be the best answer

Currently, I think I have a bit over 30k in total (I don’t know what you mean by loaded, but I am positive not all parts are loaded), but I cannot mesh whatsoever, and I don’t want to completely remake the game. Any tips on that?

Try deleting some un-seen parts and try replacing multiple parts with bigger parts I guess, although I STRONGLY recommand remaking parts of the game with meshes (like if you have a tall but simple building, you can remake it in meshe and just put it in, replace as many models you possibly can with meshes)

I’m not sure that remaking them as meshes will do anything.

Oh, what would you suggest I do?

Well I heard that vertices and triangles are the main things to cause lags, and it would make sense that the more parts the more data used, so replacing things as meshes could reduce lag

I had my own similar topic about this and people said to use mesh parts: Should I keep trying in removing useless vertices in my model? - #4 by PANDASonNOOB
Difference between meshes and seperate parts (on performance) - #2 by KdudeDev

I noticed how the one involving meshes said to reduce memory with meshParts. How would you turn a mesh into a meshPart?

Oh no basically a mesh part is a part that is a mesh.
A mesh itself just makes a part LOOK like itself, like makeup, or a holo-gram, while a mesh-part also interacts like the mesh. Like if you made a mesh a mountain then it would look like a mountain, but you would only be able to touch the part, while if you made a meshpart a moutain, you would be able to touch the mountain.

A mesh and mesh-part is techinicaly the same if i remember correctly, you just upload it. go search “how to import mesh from blender to roblox studios”

Remake anything you will in blender

I am also not able to use blender, and I am not wanting to spend days changing parts to meshes. Is there a simpler and quicker way to reduce the memory usage without changing it all to meshes?

Nope, the other thing you can do is somehow store the map data ONLY on the serverside and have the player download it WHEN they need it, however, im not even sure if thats possible via studios

So I can’t just make things into unions?

No, unions are literally just groups but with extra abilities such as negative parts. A union still stores ALL information of the part in it (hence you can “un-union” a union and it would return ALL your parts)

Is there a safe plugin or a way to just quickly convert things from parts to meshes?

Nope, the whole point of meshes is to remove un-seen faces and stuff, you can techinically import the entire model back in AS a meshe, but that would not help with performance. you need to REMOVE the parts that is not shown/useless (like if you have 2 parts intersecting), its like melting sand to make glass for a sky-scraper. If you simply melt the sand, it just goes from a pile of sand to a pile of glass. The whole point is to USE the glass to make a sky-scraper, as if you use the sand, it would just fall apart.

Meshes aren’t going to fix your issues. If anything, you’ll end up with more poly, which will cause issues in game.