How do I reduce triangle count?

Im trying to import this bed model into studio from blender and it says triangle count is to high, ive already decimated it and tried importing it in seperate parts but its still in the millions


Home > Import 3D > Select Blender File

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I recommend making a more low poly version/simplified version of it and then baking the normals for it (use surface appearances to apply it to Roblox), there are great tutorials on Youtube like blender guru which i recommend How to Bake Perfect Normals in Blender - Tutorial - YouTube, How to Bake Normals in 1 minute Blender Tutorial - YouTube
and many more

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That is a very, very, large count:

for a bed. :astonished:


Lord may have mercy… I am curious on how to efficiently reduce that amount of triangles as well. Waiting for a solution on this post…

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Yeah, maybe a blender guru can post the answer. I did it before but I haven’t used blender in ages, its somewhere you can type in the count you want and it removes detail based on the number you enter.

I vaguely remember it being a number like 1 and you set it to .2 or .3 or .5 (to get rid of half?)


why not? exact same as your
jokes aside, wtf 1,5 millions triangles in roblox? my laptop will explode before i run your game



You have to reduce the amount of faces your object has. A decent object from a typical game, has around 800-1800 faces. (referring to actual games, not Roblox games) Have you already used the clean-up tool?

Run cloth physics again just with a plane that has less of a polygons, decimate addon

you could decimate a lot of those polygons by hand (selecting the faces and right clicking and then clicking decimate to turn it into 1 face), use the decimate modifier, bake normals on a more low poly version of it

Add decimate modifer to it. You find it by clicking on it and looking for the wrench icon.

Then just mess with the factor

I said to you already, use: Home > Import 3D > Select Blender File. With this you dont need to reduce anything and roblox will do it for you automatically.

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My mesh had over 30,000 triangles. I found that one of the best solutions is a Triangulate modifier, followed by a Decimate in Planar mode.

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if you dont care about topology then you can limited dissolve. x → limited dissolve --. 1 degree

Probably could make a low poly version and bake the higher poly version onto it.

Press X on the model in edit mode. Press limited dissolve and change the angle in the bottom left.

Alternatively, you can use the Decimate modifier.

This is the quickest and easiest way to reduce triangles.

You are welcomed

I don’t have a solution for your problem, but you may have a better chance of finding one in the “Art Design Support” category.

Warning : following this video instructions kills your topology, making editing the mesh later harder when you dont retain quad topology.