How do I remove a multidimensional array?

I have a multidimensional array: array[1][7]
How would I remove only the second dimension (the 7)?

table.remove() does not work on multidimensional arrays from my understanding

did you use remove function this way?

table.remove(array[1], 7)

Just tested it, this doesn’t work unfortunately


data[1] = {}
data[1][7] = {}


Both prints are the same

seems to work if you will state that inbetween space is nil
if you dont need the benefit of table.remove function which is removing an item at an index and then shifting rest of the items on the right to the left by one index you could just set that value on that index to nil

array[1][7] = nil

or if you need it you can do it manually

local function RemoveItem(Table, Index)
	Table[Index] = nil
	for i, Value in pairs(Table) do	
		if i > Index then
			Table[i - 1] = Value
			Table[i] = nil
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this works perfectly

data[1][7] = nil

I didn’t know setting it to nil removes the index, thanks

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