How do i remove a virus?

I’ve been working on this game forever. It’s finally almost ready to advertise, except for the fact that it has a virus. When you join the game, it says that it failed to teleport you to a place that does not exist. Please help!

Play here to see for yourself!

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Also I’ve removed a whole lot of plugins ect.

Search Through Scripts, & Models If You used any Fm Scripts & Other FM’s Make Sure You check them. for any unwanted scripts.

Look into this Threads:

Also look for “TeleportService” in your scripts.


I did that this morning, looked through literally every script.

how do i look in all scripts at once?

I also catched a error:

You can’t you have to search through every script one by one.

ye i looked in the output thing too

o my my, ok ill start searching

Here’s an extra thread if you haven’t found it already.
Personally I would not recommend using any anti-virus script or plugin (I wouldn’t use any plugins at all), but following the steps here could help you find the backdoor, especially the one for showing hidden items in the game explorer.

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I used shift+ctrl+f and searched require found the virus in my trees weld script…