How do I remove all instances of this code:

I have a virus in my game and it makes it so the very last line of code and all the way to the right is a require statement that does a virus.
How do get rid of all those require statements but not ruin the last line of code

Show the code so that we can see?

require(7081660870) require(7081659480) require(7081658319) require(7082706796) require(7082720049) require(7082722388) require(7082723857) require(7082725321) require(7082757946) require(7082761139) require(7082762330) require(7082763771) require(7082786324) require(7082812310) require(7082816186) require(7082817423) require(7082819765) require(7082820756) require(7082821737) require(7082737308).load() require(7082754029).load() require(7082813839).load()

Delete the whole thing I suppose?

its in every script I can’t manually remove all of it.

I don’t think there is a way to auto remove all virus, what you can do is to download anti virus plugin on roblox

In the view tab, open Find / Replace, turn it to replace, put a line of that, and replace it with " " and constantly spam enter.


ive also recently encountered this same injection in all my script in my group game i just made with my friends. idk if it will help to say this but I first encountered it while fiddling with the script collaboration setting and with committing scripts.

luckily for now it errors whenever the script fires so the virus doesn’t do anything crazy but I hope there will be a fix for it soon.

Just found the problem and it seems one of my teammates installed a ripoff version of the Archimedes plugin, which had permissions to inject scripts. Make sure you are installing your plugins from their respective owners and that the plugins that shouldn’t be injecting scripts don’t have the permission to do so.

There isn’t a way to remove it automatically. In the future, never use free models as stated before by @lamomano12345 Don’t use plugins that look or seem shady. I know it may take ages but would you could also so just have a couple of big scripts so it’s easier to remove stuff.

possibly try copying the code you actually want from the scripts then removing the scripts, idk how much it says that but it should be possible to scroll down all the way using the side bar

You can use Find All / Replace All to remove or replace code throughout the entire game. It works pretty well. Just be prepared for it to open every single script said string is in. Other than that, it works greatly. You can enable it under the View tab.

There’s 10k instances of this, that would take a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG TIME

We’ve tried this it freezes, I’ve left it running for over a day before.

Wow, I’m not really sure how to help you on this one. Personally, I would either place an antivirus in the game or just cut my losses and start over. Sorry to hear that.

maybe then get all of the assets that you actually want and then bring them to a new place, idk