How do I remove the oof sound?

I’m looking for a way to remove the default “oof” sound when a character dies ingame and replace it with a custom sound that I’m making. Does anyone know how I can fully remove the sound from the game or replace it with another?


Upon looking into this, there’s a script that gets created in PlayerScripts called ‘RbxCharacterSounds’

Quick fix: Create a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts and name it “RbxCharacterSounds”, and make it blank.

This’ll work if you don’t need other default Roblox sounds playing either.


There’s three ways that I know of.

  • Fork RbxCharacterSounds from PlayerScripts in a Studio test session then stop that session, place it in StarterPlayerScripts and then remove the death sound and any related functions

  • Mute the death sound for every other player’s spawning characters through a LocalScript in StarterPlayerScripts

  • Add a blank script called “Sound” in StarterCharacterScripts which will use the legacy sound distribution system and thus not play any character sounds due to being a blank script