How do I remove the sun's glare?

I am wondering how to remove the suns glare, what I mean is, I have a box in my game, and it is all white. One of the corners is white, while the other corner is like a grayish color.

This is what I want the box to look like:

This is what is happening on the other corner:

I have CastShadows off on all the parts, but this is happening to the side that the sun is behind. Any suggestion’s?


looks like you have ambient (lighting property) set to the default one which can be fixed by setting it to 255,255,255

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Yes that helped a little, but it is still darker than the other corner. Any other suggestions?

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what does it look like right now?

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You can’t even tell its a corner:

Is this what you’re looking for?
Screenshot 2023-07-01 at 23.30.12
(Ambient 255,255,255, OutdoorAmbient 255,255,255, Brightness 2, Compatibility technology, old baseplate)

I just tried to do that, and did not get that.

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I have my graphics settings on maximum.

How do I change that setting in studio?

Studio Settings - Rendering - Editor Quality Level

This is what it looks like from a top down view.

I want it to look like the right corner:

The roof is also dark like the left corner.

Are your parts fully white?
(If the parts are too bright when set to the color 255,255,255 you could change ambient to 191,191,191, brightness to 0 and outdoor ambient to 255,255,255)


Thank you this works perfectly. I changed it to that, and changed a few other things and now it looks good.

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