How do I replicate this scope effect?

How do I make the reticle move around so it looks like it’s a scope?
I think I use a surface gui, but if I do then it pops out of the scope.


I can’t get the video to play either in the browser or downloaded, is it just me or is it corrupted or something?
Edit: yeah I switched browsers and it works

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uhhhhhhh well it looks like a crappy android because I lowered the crap out of my bitrate because the file size is STILL big for no reason, maybe thats it? Basically the video is me just swinging around an m4a1 in phantom forces with an acog scope, showing how the reticle wobbles around and moves realisticly(how do i spell)

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You could have a decal part that just lerps itself to a certain cframe offset from the scope, with the wobbling it looks like the viewmodel is just tilting.

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I already build something like this in my viewmodel, its just some viewmodel math, with using some math to make swaying effect based on mouse delta, and following Camera (camera shaking in animations) with PointToObjectSpace. Probably you will not see easy answer for that, because mostly ways to build it unique and basing on your FPS Framework. P.S Yes you’re right, it’s just surface gui.