How do I revert a Roblox Studio file? (Not game)

I screwed up something in a file and saved it. This is why I want to revert it to its past version.

I tried searching and asking in many places for about 2 hours, the only solutions I got were if the file was published as a game. It is not a game. It’s a file.

Thanks for reading, hope to get an answer.

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I don’t need sleep I need answers


If you are running Windows, there are Previous Versions available but only if the option is already switched on.
Locate the file in Explorer, Right-click the file and select Properties. You should see a tab named “Previous Versions”. If you PC has version history using Volue Shadow Copy or similar you should see it here.
If nothing is listed or it says “There are no previous versions available” it is not turned on.
To turn it on, follow the steps listed here:

If you desperately need the file back and there aren’t too many changes made on your disk in the intervening time, there are disk recovery tools that you can try. Beware, some cost major money others a free but contain trojans, viruses etc.

If money is no object, then a professional disk recovery company could recover your files, but you have to send them the hardware. The last time I used them for a customer it was ~2000 GBP, so you have to really really want the data back.

It’s a hard lesson to learn in not having backups or multiple revisions of your files. Every time I do a minor update I create a Save file on my PC with a letter prefix and major updates get a number prefix, such as MyGame_1a-NewGUI.rbxl. That way, I have basic version release history and a description of what the update was.

If your on a Mac, then Apple Time Machine or whatever it is called will have a version history for you. No idea how it works or how you would use it.


Very, very easy for windows! You go onto documents, and you should see the default file of “ROBLOX” then “AutoSaves”.


Hope this helped.


Yep, this is a good place to look. I think the autosave is created each time you play test the game and also a time based interval.


Thank you for this. I use a MacBook so I’ll use Time Machine. But it doesn’t have a file history even though I updated it here and there. Thanks for the insight, I’ll look more into it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the answer but I’m using an apple device, MacBook. Someone said I should use Time Machine and I will try using that to help. :slightly_smiling_face: