How do I save a player status?

I’ve been implementing some mechanics to my game, such being, having to find a key to open a door, being able to keep that key between places (might scrap this one)

Heres the problem tho, I cant seem to find a way to make it so if the player already opened that door, he does not need to do it all again, so everything he already achieved, does not need to be done again once replayed.

Our lobby is separate from the levels too, so the level is in one place, and the lobby in another, but can I save the fact that he already completed that level or already opened the doors?

If you need me to reword this just say it, this was pretty confusing.


I think I get what you’re saying. in Place A you want to know what doors they opened while they were in place B etc.

For teleporting from Place B :arrow_right: Place A

For teleporting to Place B, Place C, etc

  • Send what doors they have opened already in the teleport (with the datastore from above)
  • handle accordingly in Place B

I think I get it now, i’ll be trying some solutions arround that conclusion.

First i’ll learn how to use datastore a bit more, never got that much into it, only now that i’m making my game lol.
Let me see if I get it tho, do I have to make it so, Place B (The level) once completed, sends the data back to the lobby (storing it there) and once the player goes back into the other level, the data is sent back, and that back and forth?

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Yes. But yeah learn more about datastores and it shouldn’t be too hard

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