How do I scale hats w/ R6 scaling?

I am making a game and one of the things I’m making is a resizing character, and I’ve looked for like 2 hours w/ no dice. How do I make characters hats scale with them? This is what I mean for reference. If you want to see the code, idk if that’s a factor or not, just say and I’ll send.


I’ve made some discovery, yet I’m still let down sadly. I’ve decided to take to math, and took the percentage increase of my characters parts and apply them to the body hat’s sized. And it worked! Size wise. Not mesh wise. So I did the same for the mesh scale, and got this effect, however I’ve yet to find any relation to size increase with the welding to the head. So I’m lost yet again sadly.

Have you tried changing the C0?

weld.C0 = weld.C0*,-10,0)

From what I can see all accessories have a weld under the handle named “AccessoryWeld”

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Theres a huge flaw in trying that. All hats are welded differently. Neck ones are lower than hat ones. So I would try that, but it’s different for every hat.

Don’t set it to a specific CFrame then, perhaps just raise them all by half of the new heads height upwards?

Like I said, on the Y, and I think Z axis, maybe X, not really sure, they’re all different. It isn’t a matter of the Y axis. If you look at a base character, my christmas valk stays right on the head.


However, when I transform my character and scale the mesh, it moves forward for some reason?


However, I wasn’t quick to shut your suggestion down ,I tried it. It fixed MOST of my hats, although I can’t figure out why my valk won’t work with me.


After digging deeper, I found my own fix via my own recourses. I just took the PointToObjectSpace of the hat relative to the head, then I resized the head, and took that data and did what I did with the scale, multiplied each axis by the percentage change and rewelded it using both new positions. It isn’t 100% good like 2 hats will be really weird, but it’s the best I got. This is the solution for now but if y’all come up with something better I’m open to that.


do you still got the code? I cant figure it out how you did it still

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