How do I scale scrolling frames? (UI Import help)

Hey guys, I’ve never imported UI before and I’m a bit of a bot.

So I’ve managed to somehow get the UI into my game:



the scrolling frame gets a little scuffed…


aaaand oh dear.

So how do I go about scaling this UI properly, so it’s the same size on all resolutions?

You might wanna use UIAspectRatioConstraint and (if you don’t already) UIGridLayout.

The AspectRatioConstraint should be inside every frame and the GridLayout should be parented to the ScrollingFrame.

I’ve already used UIAspectRatioConstraints.

I’ve put them into every frame:


The problem persists, even if I put it into the image buttons. Perhaps I should just remove the scrolling frame all together, it seems like you can’t scale it properly.

That’s not what I meant, you should put the AspectRatios inside every frame that is inside the ScrollingFrame.

I don’t know this is what you want or if this is gonna fix your problem,

But i know a very handy plugin which can scale all your frames (probably the scrolling frame too)

This is the link to the plugin:

Hope this fixes your issue :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I tried that already, it doesn’t work.

I was already using this plugin, I guess I was using it slightly wrong though.

Using this and combining the use of the plugin however, it sort of works


There’s still some quite unsatisfactory stuff when on random weird resolutions (but I’m sure people wont have these) is there no way to overcome this? (ignore text)

That is weird, did you use it correct as the poster said?

If this doesn’t work i don’t know how to help.

I personally don’t use Autoscale Lite, i use another version that costs Robux (150)

It probably is way better then the Lite version, it comes with way more features such as auto scale and stuff (not trying to advertise)

If you want to take a look at it here’s the link:

I haven’t had any issues with this version.

Since the CellSize in your UIGridLayout is using offset, it will look different on other devices. The only way to scale would be to use scale instead of offset, however that breaks the ScrollingFrames auto sizing.

Personally I think UIGridLayouts with scale should use the ScrollingFrames size as the scale, not the ScrollingFrames scroll size, but I guess Roblox doesn’t, so you have to choose either no auto scroll size, or weird looking buttons on other devices.