How do I screenshot Roblox greater than my screen resolution?


I want to make a screenshot in 4k but say resolution of screen is 1440p, often I’d use the prtscr button but it only captures 1440p (and with the taskbar/window/stuff).

This is for Roblox & studio.


You’d need to have a 4K display in order to screenshot in 4K.


The Roblox window, not the entire screen


You can’t take a screenshot that’s higher resolution of your display, even if you only screenshotted the window. Either way, it’s alt+printscreen to capture a single window.


I assume you think the Studio window is buffered somewhere in the computer with very high resolution and the monitor just shrinks it to fit within a certain amount of pixels. That may be true, I don’t really know, maybe not.

But thing is – screenshots don’t work like that.
As the name indicates, they take a picture of your screen. They capture pixel data that’s currently on your monitor. If you don’t have a 4k screen, you can’t take 4k screenshots. You can’t set the resolution higher than what your screen is capable of.

If you want to make a high resolution image of what you have in Studio, I believe if you’d make a render of it in other program like Blender, you would be able to set render’s resolution. But I’ve never done that, that’s just my guess.


I have a fairly hacky way for capturing a psuedo high res screenshot out of studio, but it only works up to 2000x2000. (studio emulator max)

  • Make a custom studio emulator device (I’ll call it MaxRes)

  • Select your device from the dropdown

  • Position your camera how you would like in the ‘Fit to Window’ mode

  • Set the mode to ‘Actual Resolution’

  • Take a screenshot using Studio’s Built-in screenshot button

  • Navigate to the following directory, where your Roblox screenshots are stored, and the PNG should be there

Of course, this is only for when you REALLY need to take a screenshot in studio natively. @Veldaren’s suggestion is a much better fit if you’re going for something like a thumbnail or a banner.

The only other idea for a possibility of a higher resolution studio screenshot that comes to mind is using Nvidia’s control panel (obv only there if you have an Nvidia card) to upscale your display to a resolution that is higher than it supports.


Use your graphics drivers to supersample your desktop. You can google around to figure out how, it’s not too difficult.


Yeah that’s what I meant


In Studio you should be able to use the Emulator to get a higher resolution image using Actual Resolution, if the application will let you go this high.

Roblox itself is a bit more tricky, there isn’t really a simple solution for this, I would ward away from Alt+Prnt Scr since it isn’t the best way of capturing a specific window, Snipping Tool should be able to do this somewhere.