How do i script a ridable moving/rotating platform?

Hey! I am trying to achieve moving and rotating platforms for an obby, just like the ones in Tower Of Hell.

I’ve been having trouble finding the exact method that they use or at least an optimized one. What im using now is AlignPosition and AlignOrientation to get moving platforms, and hinges to make parts continously spin in a certain axis. What is important is that the player should be able to stand on them, and using tweens doesnt work although they wouldve been more optimized.

I also think using align position and orientation is kinda unoptimized because it can only be used server side and i dont know any other method that could work locally ( without using any service like RunService ) and with align pos eventually when using multiple parts they might tend to lag or glitch.

One last issue is by using align position and orientation i cant seem to make parts that move and rotate at the same time because of their restrictions. Any ideas on how i shall go about this?

local part = pathToYourPart -- example, workspace:WaitForChild("YourPart")

while true do
    part.Rotation +=, 0, 0) -- or whatever axis it rotates on
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