How do I script a tank seat that can rotate a gun?

I already have a system for firing missiles and such but I don’t know how I could make a stationary seat that rotates when someone presses a and d

I’ve never done this before, but here is how I would approach it:

Firstly, I would rig the model properly. I would use HingeConstraints to attach the rotating part of the model to its pivot.

Secondly, I would listen for when the seat’s Occupant property changes. If there is a humanoid, I would find the player from the humanoid, and if the player exists I would create the client controller for the player and supply a reference to the model. Additionally, I would set the network owner of root part of the assembly to the player.

In the client controller, I would have an initialization method and destruction method for when the player starts using the seat and stops using it. In the initialization method, I would listen for keys pressed using ContextActionService or UserInputService and modify the angle properties of the HingeConstraints in the model depending on how long the input is held.

Unbind any actions you started in the initialization method in your destructor / cleanup method. The client controller should be destroyed when the player exits the vehicle.