How do I script this type of projectile?

Hello, how would I go about scripting projectiles similar to the clip I provided?

I know how to create basic types of projectiles, but I don’t know how to create multiple projectiles along with the way the projectiles move.

This is the clip:

that looks like vfx. however maybe, very unlikely but higherly theoretical it like gets the point on the trajectory with this Graphing Calculator then it gets other points and it uses catmul rom spline matrix transformations to act as a “bezier” curve in a sense but it actually reaches the point

Lots of bezier curves.

And lerping.

Added abuse with randomizing the positions :+1:

Could I tween the lerp? Lerping seems to be jittery.

Do the visuals on the client.

And manage the hitting/verification of hit on the server.

If you wanted to, you can also manage the movement on the client and verify on the server so that hits + attacks register more quicker + relative to client. (though this will take some trickery)

Tweening will also work if you want to.