How do I script?

I am aware of YouTube tutorials and other resources available online, but they have not been helpful in scripting. I am in need of a tutor who can teach me scripting for free through Voice Chat in discord and streamable source that streams scripting online at your house. My discord is skullmaster0


off topic but can i ask what are you trying to script ?


If you’re trying to watch tutorials and they’re inefficient, you should maybe consider watching more specific tutorials to things you cannot get a grasp over… that’s what I’ve been doing through my process of trying to learn scripting (as a builder) and it has been a lot more helpful. Overall, you should do the following;

  • Watch more specific tutorials to what you’re unable to learn
  • Practice making different scripts, yet similar to the concept you learned from the tutorial
  • Reflect from what you’ve recently learned & combine it into one miniature system or feature.

(a channel I’ve been learning from is ByteBlox on youtube… he does a great job at teaching things more in specific & always describes what he’s doing as if you’re a beginner watching, even if the concept he’s doing seems to be complex)

Byteblox’s Youtube channel


I don’t do well with YT tutorials. I prefer documentation and example scripts to follow. Try the official Roblox Education site:
Roblox Education


I don’t think many people would be willing to tutor someone for free. Maybe I’m wrong though.
Personally I’d advise self-teaching.

When I started with studio this is what I would do:

  • Come up with a small problem which would still challenge me
  • Break down the problem into smaller parts
  • Solve each one individually - use the roblox documentation, scripting forums, etc
  • Bring it all together and you’d have completed the original problem.

Then over time you can gradually increase the size and complexity of the problems as you become more comfortable with scripting, lua and roblox studio.

Some examples:

“Make a script that will spawn a part”

Sounds simple, but you may have the following problem: you get no error messaging, but the part doesn’t appear in the workspace. So you need to learn how to understand the problem your facing, and use the roblox documentation to solve it.

Then you can ramp up the difficulty.

“Make a script that will spawn a part, but will also position it to a certain point in the workspace, and set its color to red”
Again, very simple, but it teaches you about how to edit properties of an instance, as well as some data types.

And so on.

Good thing about learning this way is that you go at your own pace - and you’re learning things which are relative to the problems your having.

Also, I know you said youtube tutorials weren’t helpful - but I’d highly recommend this one, its only about 5 minutes long too.


Thank you very much! I will use this method

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