How do I see if a free model has a virus

I am making a game but I don’t know how to make models and so I use free models instead but I don’t know how to tell if there’s any viruses in them can anyone tell me


this plugin helps you see if the model and game has a virus


the easiest way is to press the magnifying glass that is in the image of the model and there you can see what the model brings. But it is better to install that plugin.


There’s many forms of viruses.

On older models, generally from before 2016 I’d say, a virus would generally be there to lag up the game and not much else. They’re usually in the form of welds or rotateps with scripts (they also sometimes come in fire particles but that’s rare), and go by an assortment of names (all which are very clearly viruses.) To get rid of those, you can just look for “weld” or “rotatep” in the workspace, and you’ll see if there’s any there. These are rather rare nowadays though.

Nowadays, you should look for “script” and see if there’s anything out of place (eg, a random script lying in the middle of a couch model which shouldn’t have scripts in it.) If you press control+shift+f and look on there for “require” you will find anything that’s trying to use module scripts, which in free models are nearly always viruses.

A way to (very reliably) tell if a model has a virus in it without adding it to a game is checking it’s library page. Does it have thousands of sales, but only 2-3 favourites? That was a botted model, it definitely has a virus in it. Does it have a wacky title like COUCH COUCH COUCH COUCH? No real developer would make that a model name, it’s certainly infected. Does the creator of the model upload many other models which aren’t originally theirs (for example, the many stolen copies of admin command scripts, or even copies of the “high quality item” models)? Don’t even bother looking at it a second time, 100% there’s a virus in there.

If you think you have gotten rid of all the viruses in a model, but want to double check, a reliable way to see if there is something there is if you make an alt and play the game the free model is inserted into. Things to watch out for would be weird redirections (to games usually titled “Loading…” or words to that effect) and popup windows trying to sell you things that you didn’t add or intend to be there (often pretending to be admin gamepasses, sometimes I’ve seen them selling clothing as well.) I say use an alt, because these scripts hide themselves from the game creator as much as possible.


Thank you now before I publish my game I need to check again cause I only knew about the RotateP one

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Free models that have “require” in them are almost certainly a virus. To be sure, copy the ID in “require”, put it in a random modulescript in Roblox library (the ID in the link), and then you will get the module. If its on sale (has to be to work), get it and see what it is.

If it is obfuscated, there must be a very darned good reason for it to be obfuscated. If its obfuscated, the chances of it being a virus have just gone up even more.

Only paid services, such as CheckMeIn and my own cafe order System SmartOrders should be trusted with require’s and obfuscated code (an act of preventing piracy).


I made a virus detecting plugin, but I do recommend Ro-Defender. Myself, I use multiple virus destroyers as if one misses a virus, one of the other plugins will catch it. Don’t use random virus destroying plugins though as they can contain viruses.


As soon as you put them into the game, take them apart. Look in all the parts to make sure there aren’t any scripts. If there are, delete them.


If you don’t trust any plugins or whatever open the search bar and type scripts and which scripts that are not suppose to be there delete. Ant write fire and delete them