How do I sell something that I have made?

I have just finished building a low-poly shop. I want to sell it on the developer forum but I do not know what category to sell it in. Can anyone help me out please?

The Build

This is what I have built, I have not done the interior except for the flooring.

How much do you think it is worth? I want to sell it for at least 500 Robux.

Again, I hope someone can tell me where to sell my build.


Well creating threads on the devforum to sell certain assets or builds isn’t allowed. There used to be a subcategory called Asset Marketplace, but it was removed, so you aren’t allowed to create topics for selling your assets on the forums nor asking for prices.

However there are plenty of communities servers that allow you to sell your assets - builds such as (Hidden Developer) and more communities, so i does not belong anywhere on the forum. Instead of selling items straight away try moving into doing commissions so you’ll have models that you could put inside your portfolio rather then selling stuff.


Yes, unfortunately you can’t sell your assets on dev forum :frowning:
I suggest that you make your portfolio so that others can see your works and maybe someone will hire you :slight_smile:


Yeah not really allowed to sell assets you could Just make You’re game Open source.


Oh ok than you

Thank you.

Ok, thank you.

u could go over on discord and go on RoDevs or Hidden Developers or something

Thanks:) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I recently made a topic regarding selling items.

Selling models?