How do I send data across servers?

I feel like I have tried every available method but they just seem to break in unexpected ways, I’ve been trying to solve this for days.

All I want to do is teleport players to a reserved server via teleportPartyAsync() and send to that server the amount of players that were teleported. I have tried using TeleportOptioons and MemoryStore.

3rd param of TeleportPartyAsync() is TeleportData, so put in the number of players there.
Then to get this data, on the other side, use player:GetJoinData().TeleportData for one player, and you’ll have the number of players on that server now.

But what If I am using TeleportOptions, then how do I get the teleportData then?

The function you specified doesn’t take teleportOptions as a parameter.

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TeleportOptions has a method TeleportOptions:SetTeleportData.

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