How do I send updated table values in a local script to a server script

As you can read from the title im trying to send table values that are also have changing values from a local script to a server script. so the error I keep getting is

value of type nil cannot be converted to a number

The issue at hand is that the table values being sent are the original values, so whatever the original value of all the values were that is what’s being sent instead of the new updated values.

i’ve looked around the forum and Studio Documentation but I couldn’t find anything that helped or made sense (i’m not the best at scripting so this is all still pretty new to me) If anyone knows how to go about this it would be appreciated. I have an idea on how I could just go around this issue entirely, but it would take so long to do and I’d have to remake a large portion of the game so I’d rather find a solution for this if possible.

This is the local script

The -- code+ is just to show spaces where the code still extends off to but isn’t included within the example since its not very necessary since its just ripped straight out the script.

-- defaults
local SelectedGameMode  = nil
local SelectedGameRounds = nil
local SelectedGameOpponent = nil -- t/bot f/plr

local GameSettings = {

-- code+

-- There are more of these but one should show what im trying to show with this
	SelectedGameMode = 5
	GamemodeTxt.Text = "g5"

-- code+

-- Sends to server
events.CreateRoom:FireServer(getRandomString(), GameSettings )

Server Script

local function CreateLobby(plr, key, GameSettings)
	local newMatchRoom = MatchRoom:Clone()
	newMatchRoom.Name = key
	newMatchRoom.Parent = workspace:WaitForChild("MatchRooms_Debris")
	newMatchRoom.GameSettings.Gamemode.Value = tonumber(GameSettings[1])
	newMatchRoom.GameSettings.Rounds.Value = GameSettings[2]
	newMatchRoom.GameSettings.Bot.Value = GameSettings[3]
	sendRoomtoClient:FireClient(plr, newMatchRoom)
	if GameSettings[3] == true then
		AnimateSolo(plr, newMatchRoom)
	elseif GameSettings[3] == false then
	AnimatePlayer1(plr, newMatchRoom)

random example

once again the error I get is value of type nil cannot be converted to a number since the values sent aren’t updated

If anyone knows how I can go about fixing this that would be pretty awesomesauce :pray:
sorry if i left anything out or worded anything poorly, if you have any questions just ask ill try to answer to the best of my ability.

Try sending though all the values individually instead of all together. because what you’re doing right now is sending though the values original value but when you send them through manually it sends though the new value

If you are sending instances that were made by a local script the server will not be able to view them due to filtering enabled. if you could show the client side of things so I can help you out more

I think the issue here is that you are changing the variables instead of the values in the table. This becomes more evident when you see that your error is value of type nil cannot be converted to a number meaning that it is sending the default nil values.

To fix this, you should be directly changing the values in the table by index rather than changing the variable. The variables don’t change the value in the table whenever it changes.