How do I set a tag on my post that's not available in the list?

Hello, as you might already know, tags are words appended to a forum post. However, sometimes there might be a need to append a tag that just isn’t in the tag list. It just doesn’t let me type tags in, only select from a specified list. If no tags there match what you are trying to add as a tag, how can you then tag your post? And how come there are random, arbitrary tags such as “do-not-delete-my-tag”?

You can’t create new tags as a Member, you have to be a Regular or higher for that.

The available tags are not well maintained and not properly applied on a lot of topics so they aren’t very useful right now. It may be cleaned up in the future.

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I thought I would say my opinion on this. Tags are rarely even used. I haven’t seen a single case where someone used tags and found something useful though them. The search bar gets you further. When thousands of topics in #help-and-feedback and such are tagged with the name of the category, in other words a post in #help-and-feedback:building-support for example, tagged building you really don’t get far.