How do i set up inverse kinematics for a roblox rig in blender?

i want to setup some ik for an r15 rig but when i use the blender pluging it doesnt work. it doesnt make it work properly it just make the foot move the whole leg. i used falcos tutorial on the ik but it still didnt work. could someone please help.

(Sorry for my bad english)
When setting up an IK constraint on a rig in blender first of all, import your rig (obviously)
You need the Roblox Blender plugin
And the Roblox rig Blender add-on

Next, Press N and this will show up

press RBX Animations on the left

Now your rig is done! Next is the IK Constraints

Go to pose mode and select a bone

And on the left press “Create IK Constraints”

Pressing this button will make a UI pop up, do not change the chain count or your rig will be buggy

And here, My right arm has now an IK constraint

You can move the target around And the whole right arm will follow it

I hope this helped, you can message me on my Discord: MSA#3081


I tried you’re tutorial and it theoretically worked, but practically it didn’t, my model gets buggy whenever I move part that has IK constraints…

here are some images