How do I smooth out edges on an object

Hey devs,

I quickly put together an idea of a sofa and my question here is how do I make those sharp edges round to get a much better and more professional look? If possible is there also a way to push out the cushions a bit like how they’re fluffy on couches? Is there perhaps a plug in?


I would suggest two things for this issue.

  1. use meshes and build the asset within some third party software such as: 3DS Max, or Blender.

  2. for a more simple work around however less detailed, I’d would suggest using wedges and corner parts.


If you want to make them smooth I would recommend using a Beveler. This will make corners more smooth and round

Plugin link: Beveler - Roblox

I hope this will help


Wished it rounded every side but I suppose this would do for now, thanks!

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No problem ! If you wish to round every side go on the little gear icon and press “sphere”, it should leave you with a rounded brick !

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Oh wow, it actually worked. This is amazing, thanks!

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No problem ! Good luck with your project !