How do i split a Sextillion (10^21) across 50 numbers

Hello im looking to split a Sextillion (10^21) into 50 diferent acending numbers.
I need this for my button game where i have 50 buttons that i need to split that Sextillion (10^21) across.If your wandering a Sextillion (10^21) looks like this 1000000000000000000000.Leave this thread a msg if you have any questions or possible answers.Btw ive been working on this for 2 days by now.(Sorry for any spelling/grammar errors im dislexic.Also this is more of a math problem but there was no catagory for that)

You want 50 random numbers in ascending order that add up to a sextillion?

i want them to add up to a sextillion

Random numbers? Arithmetic sequence? Geometric sequence?

arthemetic sequence (i need more charactors to post this)

49sigma(n = 0) (y + xn) = 50y + 1225x
So 50y + 1225x = 10^21
What would you like the initial number to be? Or what would you like the increment to be?

(Don’t mind the edits I’m having a brainfart)

i want to start with 100 money and reach 1 sextillion after 49 additions

I need to get dressed to go to the horse barn (my horse just got back from a show so i might not ride) but if i do i wont be able to respond for like 40 - 70 minutes.

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Sum = (n/2)(2a + (n-1)xd)
Where: n is the number of terms, a is the initial value and d is the increment
10^21 = (50/2)(2x100 + (50-1)xd)
d = (10^21/(50/2) - 2x100)/(50-1) = 8.163265306x10^17

I tried to break it down as simply as possible, even looked at the specification for 6th grade maths :sob:

Im prety sure that output isnt all of the numbers

Theres more if I scroll up but the point is 10^21 has been achieved


Accidentally double printed earlier oops

Im not at home so i cant plug in your script but is there a way to calculate a compounding type thing for ex

This is the “compounding type thing”
10^21 is simply too far from 100 so the increment is massive

Ok tysm ima w8 till i get home to plug in your script but where does it go

Since you’ll be changing the text of TextButtons, place the localscript in the frame.

I have a manually changing variable so i just needed a list i was just wandering if it would break server side

You can change GUIs server or client side but it’s generally better practice to do it on the client

So i have a variable so it looks like this

(I have more in there but thats all that matters atm) i just need the list for me to manualy change the amount int value


local clicks = 0

	local sum = 0
	clicks = clicks + 1

	for i = 0, clicks - 1 do
		local inc = 100 + 816326530612244894*i -- this is more precise
		sum = sum + inc
		script.Parent.Text = "clicked "..clicks..", money = "..sum

sextillionstuff.rbxm (4.5 KB)