How do i start making realism in Low-poly

I’m trying too make Low-poly realism but i have no idea how, it seems like low-poly needs Blender ETC

which isn’t what i do alot i’m pretty bad at it

so i’d like too know how can i do realism into low-poly.


low-poly isn’t a way of making realism afaik.
It’s more for making high movement games more playable on slower devices since it’s not as hard on the graphics card to render these simpler items in 3d space.

You can try researching how to bake textures onto meshes so they seem more realistic but aren’t made of a whole lot of tris.


what i mean’t by low poly is showcases based of that style, but with realism

Image by (@realr0cu) on twitter.


So do you mean is a realistic mesh-based or part-based build?
The more realism you want, the more polygons (or tris in Roblox’s case) you are going to require for all that detail.
Or, like I said, bake a texture into your mesh.

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If your trying to make a map with lowpoly assets but also trying to make it realistic then maybe add as much details in map ( but the assets should be lowpoly ). Take a look at the maps of vesteria, how they made them realistic and lowpoly at the same time.

But yeah I think you need to learn blender ( or some other 3d software) for this because its really important.

Other then blender there are some plugins in studio which can help you make some low poly assets. I dont know much about them but if you want to make lowpoly terrian you should try out Atrazine’s terrian plugin. It’s a great plugin which can help you make lowpoly terrian.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Edit: other then just lowpoly assets you can also add cartoony particles and maybe also roblox fog. It’s all about creativity.

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can you give me the link too Atrazine’s terrian plugin?

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Here is the link to the plugin:

And here is a short demo video about how to use it:

It’s a really great plugin! If you love to make low poly terrian then trust me, your gonna fall in love with it :smiley:

Think about a showcase, It being realistic. Think about what can be low poly and still make it look real.

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Low poly can mean different things. The screenshots in this thread sofar seem to revolve around the aesthetic style, which usually has flat textures, and objects defined sharp edges.

For lowpoly as means of improved performance, you can cut down on mesh faces. If you are a modeler, you can make good use of normals to smooth sharp edges, and get the most out of the few poly’s you use. You can also google image search lowpoly tricks, or look at pictures of old games, as their development restrictions require performant assets.

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