How do i stay motivated building?

How do i stay motivated while lets say building or scripting,

This is a strange thing that i just really wanna get rid off.

Whenever i’m building or trying too improve

My brain chooses too Make me feel like i’ll get no where?

How do i stop this, its effecting me dramatically


this is probably because you don’t enjoy developing; is what i’ve found in many people.

I mostly do, i’d use too make free models but stepped up too doing my on assets

whenever i wanna show it too people or try too improve my brain drops me a prison gate…

if I wanna created something I always look for and idea in google so that I can look the design and do not make your brain choose because when you choose, you gonna have difficulty where to start and how to make. just make your brain follow the plan you wanna build on exterior and interior.


Thats what i usually do and i end up finishing the build,

thing is, This ol trick won’t work forever being orginal is the core part, creativity.

But it works so i mean? eh.

I am not a builder, but I had the same problem as a scripter. From a moment on my brain burst and I only did one thing: Generating a pause. It sounds so childish and unnecessary but it helped me. You can’t force yourself, there are just some moments, and if you lose the desire, then you better take a break. I started to play more games to relax until I felt like playing Roblox studio again and then I went back to scripting. Unless you were hired or signed a contract, you don’t always have to work on something all the time. But if you still want to do something, I suggest you start on a different project and balance the two. If one starts to get boring, you can work on the second one and vice versa. Me and my friend are in such a situation and have just started to work on another project. It will now take a month and we feel ready to finish the first project. So what I recommend: Take your time to do something and don’t force yourself to do something you don’t want to do.

Hope it helped


Thanks for the feedback, This is probably the best response yet and this might help Thanks! :eyes:


I am happy this helped you! If you still need help, then reask the community!

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Lol, well i need help on one thing no one has responded too, what is a good website too get HD textures?
i asked the community still no answer.

Uh yeah (and no, this is NOT by the same translator, i am trying self to write so if you find a typo, srry about this, ok?), you can just get a normal texture and then read this tutorial to make a better PBR Texture:

Hope this helps

This is a question that continuously gets brought up a few times whether it be improving scripting, building, graphic designing, ect.

The things that motivates me is starting small you’ll accomplish a lot if you start with something that your interested in with me i normally focus on vfx - particle effects and look around online for reference images or builds that have been created. It doesn’t have to be complex.

It could be something simple such as a small project furniture, house, etc. (Whether it be a project or something your wanting to improve?.) Try finding interesting things that motivate you. Everyone has different opinions that motivates them all of them wont work on certain people you might have something different from others.

You should find or gather a simple reference image from just a simple google search, it’ll help you with gathering ideas or becoming a better builder you should find a style you enjoy and stick with it.

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I was going to type exactly this. If you’re just starting to build, don’t immediately jump into massive projects as it’s going to demotivate you very quickly.

For instance, as a starting builder myself, I wouldn’t start by building those realistically-detailed city blocks that you see being posted in the FiB3 thread. My skill is nowhere near that level and building something like that would be more frustrating than fun, easily leading to demotivation.

The same applies for anything, really. A starting scripter who can only make print and wait functions isn’t instantly going to make the next Jailbreak or Welcome to Bloxburg.

Basically: Start small and gradually improve. Seeing your successes build up over time is a great motivation booster for a lot of people

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I suggest to look forward to what the complete and final project will look like. I worked 5 hours straight on a simple project only using parts and it turned out great.