How do I stop getting notifications in spanish from the DevForum?

Roblox and everything is in english, the website is english and every game with localization is shown to me in english

But I get notifications on the forums in spanish, is there a way I can make it so I get my notifications in english?

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I’d first check your the language settings on the forum, to find this, go to Preferences then “Interface” to find the “Interface language” setting.

It’s in english

The site is in english and only post notifications that are sent to everybody are in spanish, like… featured developer? Featured developer notifications? I don’t know what would the english version of the site say but I get those in spanish, desarrollador destacado

What kind of notifications are you talking about? Do you mean thread/post notifications from the International category? If so, you should mute that category so you don’t get notifications from it.


They are both on normal, meaning no notifications unless my name is mentioned

This is where the posts come from:
And this is one of them:
The one I got when I joined the forum through my mail is this one:

I’m noticing that you are in the ESDeveloper group on the developer forum, which is a closed group, so Developer Relations manually put you in there. This is most likely why you are receiving these emails/notifications, they are probably tagging the ESDeveloper group.

If you don’t want to be in that group please contact @ESDevEngagementTeam in a private message to remove you from this group.


Thanks! :milk_glass:

Though, do you think I can get transferred from there to the ENDeveloper group? Because I might do a game in the future, might, in years, who knows. I might not even want to leave now since my games would all definitely be translated from English to Spanish (English would be the original one since I am more comfortable working and doing stuff in english, spanish translation because of hispanic frenss)

I am just gonna disable notifications

We don’t have an ENDeveloper group. There is an ESDeveloper group because there is currently a push for internationalization and they want to boost the Spanish community to a higher level of activity by having the ability to tag their attention to topics. You don’t have to be in a group to be a developer, you are a developer when you are a developer. The group is just a means of having a collection of all people that were invited to be part of the smaller Spanish developer forum community.

If you don’t want to leave that group but do want to get rid of at least the email notifications (if you are getting those), there is definitely a way to turn off emails in your developer forum settings.


Thanks, then I’ll leave notifications off