How do I stop it opening the world in a different window?

Everytime I open studio, it shows up as a black box, and there’s a separate window that has the world. How do I prevent this from happening? It’s really annoying. I can’t drag it back, and running it doesn’t fix it. Closing and opening it fixes it sometimes but I have to do it for every single project every time I open it, so that’s not really a solution.

if you want, you can remove all plugins, it can be Terrain and others - removing it in “BuiltInPlugins” is a problem of roblox studio today, so…


I tried it and I think it worked. This has been happening for a few weeks now, so thank you

For the most part, this is a mistake of the Roblox studio - those who developed it, so if the error returns, then just wait for updates.

Pretty sure if you drag it back in, you would feel a magnet feeling and it would “drop” into there.

I can’t drag it back in, that’s the problem sadly

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You can reinstall it by adding old plugins like “Terrain” back from the built-in plugins.

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