How do i teleport a part to my camera in studio?

What keybind teleports the part selected to my camera? If it doesnt exist are there any plugins?


Select the part of your choice and click F and it will move your camera towards the selected part.


yeah but how about the part teleporting to the camera?


Unfortunately there is no way to do that however if you want I can write you a plugin that does that probably.


There probably are some, but if you’re willing to then sure, why not


Sorry for being late but here: Part To Camera - Roblox. You can even select multiple parts at once and it will work. All you need to do is select and click the plugin button.

Damn, thank you. Didn’t think you would actually do it

No problem. I honestly enjoyed making it.

Yes. You can do this from the command bar.

It’s probably so easy to do I don’t even need to tell you how to put the CFrame over there.

Useful. You should make that a community resource. It would be cool to position camera parts in viewmodels.

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