How do I test messaging service if it doesn't work in studio?

Hi, I’m trying to make a server list for a game I’m working on, I was hoping to be able to publish the data request functions to the live servers, then test the server list assembler in studio. but it seems messaging service is not available in studio.

Are there workarounds to this? or would I have to set up a side place in the universe for testing stuff on a live server?

Maybe set up a private game where you can test it there in roblox

Well i can’t do a private game, because there would be no live servers to request data from. (as messaging service is confined to its own game)

right now at any given time there’s usually 1-3 servers going in my game. So I’d like to be able to grab that data, and figure out how to turn it into a good looking server list.

Are you solo developing? If you have 2 devices or friends who can test it out with you then maybe publish it as a separate game under a different name so that it would not be confused with. After the test you can privatise the game and make it public again if you need to

Yeah, it’s just me. Don’t have other devices either…

Using the private game method and the app from the windows 10 store would be a way to make it work without any help or any extra devices. If that isn’t possible there are multiple roblox instance programs; however I’m unsure if those would be classified as exploiting as it don’t actually inject or modify code and you’re only using it for testing.
If none of those work there are likely always people willing to help you out, be that members from a discord server you run or are a member of, twitter, or some other social media platform.

Is this still the case? I’m not seeing communication between studio and live servers.