How do I texture a meshpart after exporting it from blender to roblox studio as .obj?

Apologies if this is the wrong category, I did not know what to put it under.

Hello. I’m KFiesh I’ve been building for a while now, and I’m still bad but thats not important.

I own blender and I modelled something in blender with a modifier called ‘Bevel’ so that my game wasn’t all boxy.

I would like to export it to ROBLOX studio, and I know how; but I do not know how to texture it on ROBLOX studio after exporting it from blender?

I don’t know if it is even possible, but if it is please comment. Thank you! It is much appreciated.

This question is asked at least twice a day, I suggest checking for an already existing answer before starting a new post. To answer your question, you need to separate each part in blender that you want to have a different texture in studio. Select your entire model, export as OBJ by selection, import to Roblox. Now you can texture each part individually.

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Make sure you upload a .obj file.

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Yeah, as the others said. Always check the forums if these questions have already been answered.

Once you have your mesh in the .obj file, you can just create a meshpart in studio and then change the MeshId in its properties under Appearance.

Edit: Misread the post, whoops. Yeah, you can find tons of tutorials for texturing and such.

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You can also combine everything and bake the textures to have everything in a mesh all this in blender, then you import it normal in roblox studio and the texture already baked you put it as a Texture id, as others said there are many other threads on it same topic and on youtube there are many tutorials on how to texture in blender (Intro to Blender UV Mapping - YouTube), how to bake textures (Blender How to Bake Textures Tutorial - YouTube) and also on how to upload that texture to roblox studio (How To Export Blender Meshes AND TEXTURES Into Roblox Studio [2022] - YouTube)