How do I the Billboard GUI stay the same size

I was playing around with billboard GUIs on characters, but I can’t figure out how to make the GUI retain its size no matter how many studs you are away from it.


You have to make the BillboardGui use the Scale values for it’s Size property in order to stay the same size.


I’ve had to try and work around this issue (and not entirely fix it) not so long ago, where can you find the scale value?

Basically, the first and third values for the Size property are the scale values and the second and fourth values are the offset values.



In this picture, the BillboardGui appears as a square and stays the same size even when the camera is away from it.

This is what the Size property appears as:


Either increasing or decreasing the scale values will make the Gui larger in width or height but keeps the size of the Gui the same.

I’m not the best at explanations so I just recommend reading these:

UDim2: UDim2
Explanation between Offset and Scale: Intro to GUIs


so i have a billboard gui that is still changing size even though i’m using the scale values only

What does your BillboardGui properties look like? Make sure that you changed the properties in the Instance itself and not just the children/descendants

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i think i found the solution. textscaled needed to be set to true.

Text label in billboard gui changes size - Help and Feedback / Scripting Support - DevForum | Roblox


any suggestions on how i could fix this with an image label??? textlabels dont have any values like that nor that specific value