How do I transfer tables to modules?

So for example you have script A which is just a regular script. You create a table, add contents to it then send it to another function required by a module.

local contents={}

local module = require(script.ModuleScript)

You then try to print ‘contents.A’ in script B which is a module script.

local module = {}
function module:LoadContents(contents)
return module

But the output prints nil for what you just tried to print. Why is this? How do I fix this?

It doesn’t seem to print nil for me, I used your exact code. Requiring a module returns a table containing everything inside of the ModuleScript so it should work.

Essentially what you are doing when you require a modulescript is this:

local contents = {}
contents.A = true

local module = {
    -- this is the table that is returned, which contains the module:LoadContents function
    LoadContents = function(self, contents)

module:LoadContents(contents) -- call the LoadContents method

Using that logic, it should work, have you checked if it was a logic error (capitalization, variable names…)?