How do I turn it off..?

So I noticed when I’ve been moving or scaling my objects, They’ve been rotating side to side or up to down and it’s really irritating. Because then I have to go back and move it but when I scale it rotates again. And makes me where I have to adjust everything. So Is there a way to turn that off because it’s messing up my builds.

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Please be more descriptive.

So far with all the information you’ve gave us, the only fix I can think of is to see what your rotate stud amount Is in the model tab, either that or are the parts anchored?

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As far as i can see, this can be caused by some virus scripts in your game which uses require() and puts a script into all models. If so, you can fix it by using plugins such as Ro-Defender.

This tutorial can be helpful: Keeping Your Game Safe From “Viruses”

I think this has to do with floating point errors.

Here are a couple of topics discussing this:

Floating point errors are unfortunately something that you can’t really fix (From what I understand).

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