How do I turn the Motor6D active?

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Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find an answer so I’m asking here.

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Hmm, not really sure on this but I know for weld constraints if there are multiple weld constraints on the same Part then it’ll deactivate which you can see through a weld constraint graph with the grey squares:

This should be similar with Motor6Ds as they are both joint instances or function similarly so check your model for multiple Motor6D connections I guess.

Edit: yeah this is for the .Active property which you can read about it here also in the documentation with the conflicting joints.

Copy and pasting:

Rigid joints like Weld, Snap, WeldConstraint, Motor, or Motor6D may also be disabled due to conflicts with other rigid joints, such as joints between the same two parts or indirect cycles in the weld graph. Joints disabled this way may be re-enabled later when another joint or part is added or removed.

Otherwise yeah refer to @xa_xff for the enabled property.


Motor6D has .Enabled property

The question was about .Active property, thank you so much!

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Looking at it now I think I realized the ones that joints are activated are the ones that are connected to the root part of the assembly which is the red block since according to the rules roblox set the largest surface area part gets chosen or something, it’s on the documentation. But yeah thanks for the question I can do stuff with this. (Destroying unneeded welds and such)