How do I turn this model into a working hat?

I dont know if this is the right category, tell me if im doing something wrong

So, I have these hat models and I wish to make them into wearable hats. So, I am wondering how to do that, if anyone knows how please tell me!

These are the models, again, please comment if you know how I can make these into wearable hats.


Put the model in an accessory, i hope you understand.

Okay, thanks. I was thinking about that but thought it wouldn’t work.

Accessories are actually super underused. You will need to do a little extra than just putting these parts into an accessory, but accessories are definitely a wonderful way to go about this. Some extra tidbits you’ll need to make your hat wearable:

  • Ensure it has a handle with an attachment in it (preferably HatAttachment)

  • Make sure to test that the positioning of the hat is what you want it to be. You can always test and edit by adding the accessory to a dummy character and repositioning where wanted.

  • All the parts of the hat should be welded to the handle and unanchored.

I feel like making a tutorial on accessory morphs now haha.