How do I turn this team create thing off?

I had this team create thing on so my friend could help in studio but I thik it might be messing up my scripts . Can someone tell me how to turn it off?


Go to Game Settings and then go to Permissions. Change your friend’s permissions to none and turn off Team Create.

I have done that but it still has this weird (Mioxity Editing) next to all my scripts , and that was not there before I turned team create on

Turn off Collaborative Editing

How do I turn it off? (Too short msg)

Its in Game Settings

It is already switched off.

Try saving and then restarting studio

I’m having this problem with a game I created on April 12th. As of yesterday (I don’t remember it happening before that), it insists on making me use this “feature”. I’m the only person working on this game and don’t need or want this. Settings says Collaborative Editing is turned off, and yet it forces me to connect online to edit it, which is not great for a variety of reasons. I want to be able to publish whenever I personally want and not have my changes happen in real time.

I’ve tried turning the setting on and off in the Game Settings in studio, but nothing.

Update: Ok I just figured out the reason it’s happening is that Team Create is enabled by default on new places published in studio:

I still don’t know how to fix it, though, that option doesn’t seem to be available in settings.

I can’t find that page. How do you get there