How do i tween a model

i tried following tutorials, and i did what they said
Unachoring everything besides the primary, setting the primary, tweening the primary, welding all the parts to the primary but its stil only moving the primary part. so how do i move a whole model

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show ur current codfe plz

while true do
	if CanSpawn == true then
		SillyMeter = math.random(SillymeterRate1, SillymeterRate2)
		local FALLER = part:Clone()
		FALLER.Parent = game.Workspace
		local Goin = FALLER["Goin?"]
		Goin.Value = true
		for _, V in script.Parent.Parent:GetChildren() do
			if V.Name ~= "Part" and V.Name ~= "Main" and V.Name ~= "Dest" and V.Name ~= "Goin?" then
				V.ParticleEmitter.Enabled = true
		local FallingAnim = Tween:Create(FALLER.PrimaryPart, Info, { Position = dest.Position})

		if SillyMeter == 1 then 
			FALLER.Main.Silly.Playing = true
			FALLER.Main.PointLight.Enabled = true

			FALLER.Main.Sound.Playing = true

Idk why u want my code but ok

Move the HumanoidRootPart specifically, and use CFrames instead.

		local FallingAnim = Tween:Create(FALLER.HumanoidRootPart, Info, { ["CFrame"] =})

theres no humanoidrootpart its a model??? not an NPC

When you reference primary part, you are referencing the HumanoidRootPart unless you have some kind of special model I dont know about

When people say “Model” They are usually referencing some kind of character-like thing but I understand your situation now.

Use CFrames instead on the primary part.

models use a primary part, the primary part is what you set it to. in my case its the biggest part.
Did you now know that about models? (not trying to be rude)

I’ve been dealing with alot of character related “Model” situations, so my initial thought is that it was a character since you didn’t specify.

that didnt work just gave an error that there is not cframe property

Literally all parts have a CFrame property. Are you trying to move a mesh?

never mind i spelt cframe wrong that works thanks