How do I upload big files into Roblox selection without it crashing?


I want to upload a big file into Roblox selection, however every time I do it keeps crashing on me after passing around 7%, the file is 31.7M anyone know how to fix this?


What are you trying to upload?


It’s an airplane consisting of many Unions, a couple of meshes and many parts. Over 1,200 parts and 1,300 Unions


Not bigger than a baseplate, it just has MANY parts…


Separate uploads, try part by part(i.e. section by section). How simple is that?


Divide it in sections, and then upload them one by one. One of the solutions. Ex. Divide the plane in 6 sections.
Another solution, if it’s a rbxm extension, you can change it to rbxl and open a place, divide it there or upload as a model, to afterwards insert in your game.


I’ve had this happen to me before, these fixes could work or might not work but try:

  • Closing all other tabs except the studio baseplate where you’re uploading the model.
  • Face the camera away from the model, preferably looking up into sky.
  • If you have a personal hotspot and it’s upload speed is better than your normal internet, use that.
  • Have someone that has considerably better internet speeds and that you trust, upload and give this model to you.

For me it wasn’t related to studio but just internet issues, hope these fixes might work :stuck_out_tongue:


If possible you could split the airplane in half.

Another thing you could do is actually import all of it to blender using a .obj file. Then you can do the command: control J. This will collide all of the parts into one. You can then import to Roblox as a mesh and it’ll probably work then?


That is a lot of unions. Try to keep down on the amount of unions you use as they cause a lot of lag in your game.


It’s most likely studio being unable to handle the large file, or your hardware not having enough ability to perform it.

What I would do is attempt to optimize, then upload the file. CSG not only effects the file size, but effects how your game runs.


Yeah it would sound better, however I can’t do it in this case because I need players to be able to spawn the model and use it, because every part is linked with a script, so if I seperate the parts the scripts wouldn’t work correctly.


I recommend you turn off all background apps and services you do not need right about that moment.