How do I upload custom font image maps?

So I am using a custom module which is a custom font importer, (Click here for Github). But I noticed that the images used for importing smaller fonts, are too small for Roblox’s Community Guidelines. Is there any workaround to import these images with smaller fonts.

(I searched up about this topic specifically I found one but gone unanswered.)

Any questions ask away! Any Solutions please do tell!

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It’s not clear to me, what are you trying to do? Import custom fonts?

I am trying to import custom fonts which are in images, The module I use takes these images to make custom fonts in roblox. But the image of the fonts has text that is too small for roblox’s community guidelines. (Because each font size gets smaller and smaller)

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If I understand your issue correctly, you can upload each letter at the max resolution (1024x1024), and then make a system that is tied in with the associated key values. Oh, then you can resize the images as needed.

To clarify: I can make the images the maximum size then configure the system to resize when needed? If yes ill try that as soon as I am at my computer.

FYI Each image has more than one letter but gets smaller each line.

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With the method I am describing, you will have to upload each letter individually and within Studio resize the letters the way you had them originally.

Maybe you could make a font system that uses the new offset feature? I am not at all a programmer, so I don’t know what I’m saying.

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You’re aware the question is about font, correct?

Fonts as like a word font for like a gui?

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I used the font editor to write up a big font map then made it smaller manually. (Which pretty much is resizing individual letters.) Thank you so much!

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You are very welcome! Anytime!