How do I upload my cloak model with 3 textures from blender to ROBLOX Studio?

Alright, so I just made a cloak in blender, it had different models and I joined them together but see the textures of the models also joined in so it turned in the 1 joined model but seperate from other textures. I export the model by FBX and upload it to roblox studio but it only saves 1 texture how can I fix this?

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2 ways:

  1. Create a new texture in blender that combines all 3 (look up baking textures). This is an advanced skill.
  2. In blender separate the mesh by material. 1 material per part. On each part, remove excess materials. In the Shader, remove all but the color image. Add the other textures back in with SurfaceAppearance.