How do I use animation weight?

I have 2 animations that play at the same time or play seperately. I recently heard about animation weight, but the post on developerhub doesn’t seem to explain it very well to me. I tried just to set both my animation weights to .5 but that doesn’t do anything. Can anyone help me with this?


Weight is to determine how much of each to use when merging 2 animations

Or more simply: poses. In the picture there is a pose with arms down and another pose with arms up.

With both set to 0.5, the resulting pose is halfway between them.
1 and 0 is completely the pose that is set to 1


So how do I play both my animations at the same time?

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local animationTrack = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)

void play ( float fadeTime , float weight , float speed )
Plays the AnimationTrack. Once called an AnimationTrack will play with the specified fadeTime, weight and speed.


You load both, make sure your weights are set, they have the same priority and play both and they should merge. I personally haven’t animated before, but this seems to be the process.


What animations are you talking about exactly? Can you explain a bit more in-depth?

Animation weight is used for how smoothly you want one animation to transform into another. However, if you’re wanting two different animations to be played at the same time then animation weight isn’t what you’re wanting to use in this scenario.

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So basically when the player is lifting one arm, I want him to be able to have both arms up at the same time.

Why are you needing two animations for this? Can you explain your use-case here?

Im making an iron man suit, which when a key is pressed, one arm is raised and gets ready to fire. If the player wants to have both arms up so they have both blasters ready, I want them to be able to instead of only have 1 arm up at a time.

Ah, that makes sense. But as I said, animation weight is not relevant to what you’re trying to do.

All you need to do is to make two animations, one where you only make keyframes for the right arm, and another where you only make keyframes for the left arm. Remember to set the animation priority to action (in the animation editor).

Only the joints you make a keyframe for (in the animation editor), will get modified by the animation when you play it.


What about the torso and head. Both animations act on it, so they are overiding each other I think.

would they not be moving the head torso the same way?

Yes but the animation overides the other one, so the current arm is put down.

If that is the case, the animation editor has this feature where you can exclude specific joints as you wish. By checking these locks (they are white-ish when they’re excluded):

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What does that do if you can explain please.

It makes sure that the desired joints does not affect the animation. Meaning the animation will not do anything to the joints. You will also be unable to rotate/move the excluded joints.


So I should lock every part except the right arm parts for the right blast?

Yes, that’s right.