How do I use clip descendants on a rounded UI

The title says it all. I’m using a UICorner object and am trying to clip parented UIs.

Any help is appreciated :smile:


Unfortunately, clipping is only limited to the straight borders of a rectangle. There have been numerous requests to add this, so I guess the only thing to do is wait! Try to work around it for now by keeping the objects within the non-rounded part of the rounded UI.

But, if your UI is completely opaque, then you can utilize this method to achieve the intended effect.


It’s the 15th of August and we’re still waiting, unless I’m somehow not doing it right.


Over a year later… wish they’d add it already : /
I know it isnt simple, but it would help devs out so much. The amount of times ive ran into this problem is insane

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You can use CanvasGroup, but it doesn’t work in Roblox Player

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Strange that they still haven’t added this feature

It works for me?

devforum users try not to necropost challenge