How do I use collision filtering with players?

In a game I’m working on I’m trying to make it so players can go through walls but certain blocks cant. If anyone knows please tell me.

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Have you looked at the wiki for collision groups? Collision Filtering | Roblox Creator Documentation

Like so:

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Yes that’s what I’ve been trying to do I’m just not sure how.

Alright, make a new collision group, call it whatever you want. I called mine test. Click the check box in the column for default and in the row for test:

Set the parts you want to have the collision group id of 1 (it’s 1 if it’s your first custom collision group):

All objects with a collision id of 1 will collide with each other. Anything else will not collide with it (given you have no other collision groups).

You can find collision groups in model → advanced → collision groups: