How do i use DepthOfField?

I have updated Roblox Studio, and i have noticed that DepthOfField was added, but i don’t know how to use it, here is a screenshot of the current properties:

For any reason, it looks like if DepthOfField is disabled, and i don’t know what i did wrong, could someone help me? Thanks for reading.

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I think it may be a future feature. Yes, the DevHub has documentation for it, but its unique properties are blank. All I can theorize here is that they just released it to Studio, but it does nothing as of yet. It might even be a Beta Feature that will get its own checkbox sooner down the line.

Here’s why I think this:
The PreciseConvexDecomposition Collision Fidelity option was released quite recently. Its button was there before the announcement was posted and it did nothing. Then, when the topic was posted, it was released as a new Beta Feature. Also, just like the DepthOfFieldEffect, there is no mention of this in the Developer Roadmap. The similarities here are too great to ignore or call it a coincidence, so that is why I believe this is going to be a feature somewhere in the near future.

If so, I’m certainly excited about that!


Indeed it’s a feature that’s coming soon. CloneTrooper1019 in classic fashion did a little demo after enabling the feature on his Studio.

You can’t enable it yet through the proper means as it’s not in beta or released fully yet, but I agree it’s gonna be awesome!


I am pretty sure that you have to enable FastFlagDepthOfField, as well as changing the platform to gametest2, but you shouldn’t use it at the moment if you want to have this effect to be applied to all of your games, as they are currently in gametest2, which mean they are not out yet.