How do i use Google to read without any request limits

As you may know, HttpService API cannot be called in Roblox
(can’t read Roblox APIs with Roblox url)

One of the popular solution to this is using Google Apps Script as the Proxy.
a precise step-by-step Tutorial is provided here : Using Google Apps As A And Proxy

However, here’s a notable issue regarding this method
(since Google Apps is not meant to be used as a proxy)

So, alternaltively, i’ve been looking at Google API due to “Live Youtube subscriber count” being a thing, but the Youtube tutorial are specifically made for Youtube stats
image image

So obviously, the format made to read Youtube stats is too specific, so making any other google Proxy won’t work at all :

local ID = something
local API_KEY = thingos
local Result = httpService:GetAsync("" ..ID.. "&key=" .. API_KEY)

What i’m looking for is the same outcome as Using Google Apps As A And Proxy

Without having the limits of 20,000/day request, I know it seems more of a script request, but i have found no informations regarding making API, and reading them seems oddly specific, so any help is welcome.

Disclaimer : It does not matter if you are offering me a solution which involves paying for Google API Services, i believe a excessive use of a Proxy inevitably have a price, i’m willing to pay for it.


So, I’ve also had an issue with trying to request the Roblox API in games, which obviously doesn’t work.

My solution for this was, using with a JS Project. For this project I’ve been using noblox.js.
There are many tutorials on how to use noblox.js and the documentation is also really good.
To get no rate limits on glitch you would need to pay $8/month.

An example code by me using noblox.js:

app.get("/collectibles", (req, res) => {
  var User = req.param("userId");
  rbx.getCollectibles(parseInt(User)).then((playerInfo) => {

This returns a table of all collectibles by the requested UserId.

I hope this was any helpful for your situation.

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