How do i use head tracking in roblox studio

A couple days ago you were able to use head tracking in roblox studio on a custom StarterCharacter even if it didn’t have a “New” head, now to have head tracking you need one, but i cant find any way to use one of these “New” heads in roblox studio on a custom StarterCharacter.

So how do can i get head tracking on a custom character in studio again? (yes i have a vertified account before anyone asks)

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how about these?

it tells me to upload a .fbx file of a head, how am i suppoased to download a roblox head from the catalog?

you could do with catalogue downloader plugin or somewhat
ive never downloaded things like that

yeah that doesn’t work, you can only download accessories and clothing, heads are actual meshes so there’s no way to get them from the catalog directly

how about model a head and creating new model?

Didn’t work. I have no idea why roblox deleting basic features and making them impossible to recreate

It is not available for Roblox Studio.

they added it back, issues fixed